Eclipse: Perspective sample code"

public class Perspective implements IPerspectiveFactory {

    public void createInitialLayout(IPageLayout layout) {
        layout.setEditorAreaVisible(false); //hides the editor
        layout.setFixed(true); //fixed layout

        //add view to the left:
        layout.addStandaloneView(ProjectTree.ID, true, IPageLayout.LEFT, 0.3f, layout.getEditorArea());

        //add view to the top
        layout.addStandaloneView(View.ID, false, IPageLayout.TOP, 0.7f, layout.getEditorArea());        

        //bottom folder with two views
        IFolderLayout bottom = layout.createFolder("bottom", // NON-NLS-1 
                IPageLayout.BOTTOM, 0.70f, layout.getEditorArea());  


Hint: its a good idea to clear workspace in the build settings to make the changes effective.


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