Thunderbird - Problem synchronizing calendar with Owncloud 9

I installed Owncloud 9 on my server. Its a new version with some rough edges. The calendar and contacts app where rewritten from scratch. They are currently lacking some functions and also have some issues.

I was not able to synchronize my calendar with Thunderbird / Lightning. In the previous version the web interface provided a link for each calendar. Now its a link for all calendars like:


This contains a collection of all calendars. There is a similar link for IOS devices. This worked perfectly.

However Thunderbird only showed a yellow warning sign:

If you look to the error console, you can find entries like:

Warning: There has been an error reading data for calendar: Owncloud.  However, this error is believed to be minor, so the program will attempt to continue. Error code: DAV_DAV_NOT_CALDAV. Description: The resource at is a DAV collection but not a CalDAV calendar
Source File: file:///C:/Users/da/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/2kiixeal.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calCalendarManager.js
Line: 960

Error: [calCachedCalendar] replay action failed: null, uri=, result=2147500037, op=[xpconnect wrapped calIOperation]
Source File: file:///C:/Users/da/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/2kiixeal.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/calendar-js/calCachedCalendar.js
Line: 322

On the internet there are some hints so create the link to a certain calendar like that:


I named my calendar "Andy" in the UI. But this link also only gave me the yellow warning.


Some investigation brought up, that the calendar had a different name internally. I found the correct name with the following command:

curl -u admin -X PROPFIND https://server/remote.php/dav/calendars/admin

Replace "admin" with your username. The command outputs all calenders:

The red marking shows the name that is used for the calendar. Building the new url like


and everything now worked in Thunderbird.


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