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Sublime Text is a great tool for all kinds of developers. I'm using it very often for HTML- and PHP projects. Especially to write blog articles in markdown for a German website. But I'm not free of mistakes and I don't like spelling mistakes in my blogs. Thats why I was looking for a German language package to integrate in Sublime Text 3.

Here is a short introduction how to install a foreign language dictionary in Sublime Text 3 on MacOS:

  • At first you have to download the language package. Therefore we use existing dictionaries of OpenOffice. German dictionary can be downloaded here.
  • After downloading you get a file with the extension .oxt, i.e. dict-de_de-frami_2013-12-06.oxt
  • Rename the extension to .zip and unpack it
  • Look in the unpacked folder for the file .dic and .aff, i.e. de_DE_frami.dic and de__DE__frami.aff. I recommend to rename the files like that pattern de_DE.dic and de_DE.aff
  • Now pack both files to a new .zip-file
  • Rename the .zip-file to Language - German.sublime-package; Replace German in filename with your needed language for example Spanish
  • Go to Sublime in Applications folder and open the app package: Right click Show Package Content.
  • Now move to Contents/MacOS/Packages/ and copy there your file Language - German.sublime-package
  • Start or restart Sublime Text and go to menu View -> Dictionary -> Language German -> de_DE
  • F6 can be used to activate spell checking

That is a very "hard-wired" possibility. You can also place the .dic and .aff files in App-Library-Folders

  • Do step 1 - 4 like written above
  • Go to hidden library-folder /User/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages
  • or the short way: Open Sublime text menu Preferences -> Browse Packages

    Image: Sublime Menu Browse Package

  • Create there a new folder Language - German

  • copy the .dic and .aff file to Language - German


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